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Sarah Fairbairn

Massage Therapist

Sarah believes it is her life's purpose to make the people around her feel a little bit better in any way that she can.

So, when Sarah finished working in many unsuitable careers and stumbled into massage therapy, the world suddenly opened up. This is a job she loves doing.

It allows Sarah to be the person she feels she was meant to be, helping others overcome pain, grief, trauma and stress with a little dose of the silly and lots of laughter, kindness and patience. At the start of the journey, clients don’t realise they are coming to Sarah for anything more than a nice, relaxing rub - but they soon realise the power of manual therapy to move energies around, boost the immune system and generally make you feel flipping amazing.

Sarah has helped children overcome anxiety, ambulance staff to be able to work again, nurses to feel better about themselves, overwrought new mums to have some precious time to themselves, post-operative patients to reduce their scar tightness, insomniacs to sleep again and sleepy people to wake up!

Sarah is currently training in Systematic Kinesiology which is a fantastic way to find out what deeper health issues there may be, even if your conscious mind is totally unaware of them.

Adding to that a health and wellness coaching qualification will ensure that Sarah can guide you towards your health goals in the most effective and rewarding way.

Having lived in or near this glorious coastline for most of her life, Sarah is excited to be working alongside the amazing therapists at Atlantic Osteopaths and absolutely cannot wait to meet you!

Sarah Fairbairn
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