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  • What to expect from an initial consultation?
    During your first consultation we will discuss your current health concerns, we will take a thorough medical history. Please bring with you any imaging that you've had and any prescriptions that you are required to take. You may be asked to undress down to your under ware for the examination and treatment, you may bring some shorts to wear if you prefer. A full standing exam and any orthopeadic tests required will then be completed. We will discuss my findings with you and we will agree on a treatment plan together. From here, treatment will take place. Following your treatment lifestyle or exercise advice may be given.
  • What to expect from a follow-up appointment?
    To begin I will ask how you were feeling following your previous appointment and discuss any changes that have taken place. We will then repeat the standing exam and orthopeadic tests. Treatment will commence, treatment may differ from appointment to appointment, as is required by each individual. Exercise prescription and / or lifestyle advice may also be added to follow-up appointments so you can help yourself at home. These may be emailed to you so you can print them out and keep the instruction and images close by.
  • Can osteopaths treat pregnant women and/or babies?
    The short answer is yes. Osteopaths are highly trained Allied Health Professionals and can treat the whole family. Some osteopaths further their training to specialise in specific fields, such as women's health, obstetrics and paediatrics. Osteopaths are fully trained and comfortable treating all populations, but are trained to know our limits. We are honest and completely happy to refer as appropriate.
  • Is osteopathic treatment available through the NHS?
    Unfortunatly although osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals, osteopathy is not currently avaliable through the NHS in this area.
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