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Miranda Jankowska

Massage Therapist

Miranda feels passionate about finding creative and helpful ways to develop her practice and providing her clients with the most helpful way of easing discomfort and imbalance within the body in whatever approach feels right as you explore together. 

Miranda’s interest in bodywork stemmed from her dance and movement background. Developing her practice in New York City in 2004 where she trained in the Cunningham Technique and other movement based practices including Feldenkrais, release work and contact improvisation. 

In 2014 she graduated from The London School of Sports Massage with a Level 5 in Clinical Soft Tissue  leading her to work with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions from her practice at Neal’s Yard Therapy rooms in Covent Garden and Clapham in London then took work overseas working on competitive and recreational skiers in the Mont Blanc region in France. 

For several years, Miranda provided massage in care homes treating those living with Alzeimers and Dementia, and specialised in end of life massage therapy completing training in Clowning for Dementia and Massage for Dementia. Miranda worked with the RVS (Royal Voluntary Service), providing home care for those less mobile individuals in their Active Ageing programme where she started to cultivate a more somatic way of working with the body.

She is constantly developing her work with the emotional body, looking at how the way we feel can affect the way we move in our bodies and move through life which led her to complete her training at The Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre in Biodynamic Massage & Emotional Anatomy & Physiology in 2019 and her Advanced Myofascial Release training with Jing Institute in 2022 to provide clients with a variety of options and ways to work and listen to their bodies.

Miranda Jankowska
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