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Ear wax removal now available at Atlantic Osteopaths

Microsuction and irrigation methods are used.

Ear Exam

From November 2021 The Devon Ear Clinic will be operating from Atlantic Osteopaths. 

Specialising in ear wax removal and ear care using Microsuction. This is the recommended and preferred way to safely remove wax build up by the NHS. However in some circumstances it maybe preferable to use the water irrigation method, (used to be called ear syringing). Ear syringing is no longer used and was discontinued over 30 years ago. 

Lee Curran, is an ear wax removal specialist, he has many years experience working in the audiology sector. Having worked with the word's leading hearing aid manufacturers and ear care specialists, Lee can provide expert advice and care.

The safest and easiest way to remove ear wax build up causing ear blockages is by using a method called microsuction. Lee at the Devon Ear Clinic, will remove the wax build up by using a very powerful and extremely safe method which hoovers up the wax, leaving your ears free of wax and being able to clearly hear better.

On occasion, water irrigation may be necessary, but only in certain circumstances. Lee can inspect and with his expertise, advise on the best way to remove any ear wax blockage.

As with all cases of ear wax it is best advisable to oil the ears ears prior to booking an appointment. The olive oil will combine with your natural wax residue and will help to facilitate the extraction.

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